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   Every child has talent waiting to be awakened!


The Charleston Academy of Musical Theater (CAMT)  believes that all children have talent waiting to be awakened. Our Musical Theatre training program is lead by national award-winning children's theatre director Courtney Sarre and international opera singer Diana Flaherty. CAMT provides a nurturing environment where students will develop their skills in acting, voice, and dance.




Sponsor    Local Young Actors

This era of Covid-19 has affected the arts world especially hard.  Broadway does not expect to resume shows until 2022. Local theatres in Charleston have been forced to close their doors, with uncertainty as to when they will be able to afford to open once again.  We have been lucky enough to arrange the use of the Sottile Theatre at the College of Charleston to put on a limited seat performance during winter break. But at a cost we did not budget for...
We are currently seeking generous Sponsors to assist our school in it's endeavour to have a musical production this year to benefit the greater Charleston community.
We have many students who are in need of scholarships this year due to families being affected financially by the pandemic.  We strive to never turn away a student who wants to learn, and we are seeking the help of our community to support 8 students with full or partial scholarships so they can continue their musical theatre education with CAMT.
If you can assist our students by becoming a Sponsor, or by contributing to our scholarship fund,  please see our SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM to find how you could become a valued Friend of CAMT.

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