School of the Arts Audition Prep

Applying for the Theater Arts program at CCSD School of the Arts? 


SOA strongly recommends asking your teacher or a local theatre company to coach you through the audition process. And Charleston Academy of Musical Theatre wants you to be as prepared as you can be to succeed at your SOA audition.

Applicants for the 6th-12th grade SOA auditions are encouraged to book a private session for coaching with their monologues, improvisation, and interviews. Our 2022-23 Theatre Audition Workshop is also perfect for those looking to develop required audition skills. 

Theatre Audition Workshop 2022

Audition Prep Workshop I  (AUD2022)

An Audition Prep workshop with a small class size for individualized instruction with Mrs. Courtney, including:

Monologue selection and coaching
Interview coaching
Improv coaching

This workshop is 6 sessions total. In addition to the currently scheduled dates there will be: 
* 1 private session (30 min) to be scheduled by the student individually to work on monologue 
* 1 additional class to be scheduled once your Audition Date is announced.

Classes:  Tuesdays (Dates TBA)
Plus: one (30 min) private session, to be scheduled by student
Times: 4:30-5:30pm

Where: Mount Pleasant
Cost: $210

Max.8 students

Vocal Audition Workshop 2022

Coaching for vocal auditions with Mrs. Diana - Info coming soon!!

Frequently asked Questions:

How many times does my child need to work with you to be prepared?

The number of  sessions varies depending on the child. If a child has already been training in theatre then they tend to need only a few coaching sessions. If a child is less experienced then they will need more. On average students need between 4-6 coaching sessions to be fully prepared. 


What is provided during coaching?

Monologue selection and coaching

Interview coaching

Improv coaching


What does my child need to do?

Your child is expected to be off book (memorized on their monologue) by the next coaching session. Each session your child will have individualized goals set that need to be completed before we work again. 


Can you guarantee my child a spot at SOA?

There are no guarantees your child will get into SOA with any coaching. Our goal is to guide and make your child feel comfortable and prepared for the audition process. 

How much does a private session cost?

Hour long session- $80

Half hour session -$50

Payments are required at time of online booking and are non-refundable.  

Scheduling Sessions/ Cancellation Policy

-Due to the number of children we are preparing for SOA auditions it is best to schedule sessions in advance. All coaching sessions are held at 1348 Wynbrook Trace, Mt. Pleasant 29466

-If a session needs to be cancelled it must be done with a 24 hour written notice or parents will be charged full amount of missed session. 

Click the Calendar link above to register for your private session.